Do 05.10.2023 TREMENDOUS T.

Backstage Musikcafe [78462 Konstanz]

Event info
Date: 05/10/2023
Time: 21:00
Location: Backstage Musikcafe
Address: Hussenstrasse 6 78462 Konstanz
62 / 100


ROCKABILLY/GUITAR PLAYER – Since 1980 on stage, TREMENDOUS T. actually is well known as the singer and guitar player of THE PSYCHONAUTS and the BIKINI GIRLS.

He also plays solo shows – just he and his guitar — with his „Trash Country’n’Rockabilly“ sound. This is an explosive mix between 40’s Country, 50’s Rockabilly and 60’s Garage Trash.

His live show is especially impressive, consisting of original material and a couple of cover versions of Rockabilly classics, enhanced by his own unique style. Right from the first second, TREMENDOUS T. let loose his „Trash Country’n’Rockabilly Stomp“ on the audience, with the motto „Wreck it and shake it up!“

So never miss a chance to see him, wherever it says „coming from outer space, TREMENDOUS T. is in town“!

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